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Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Plague, Sam Kerbeck

These screens are taken from Plague, a game which I started work on in 1996 at Eidos Interactive. I developed the 3D and game engines to match a very comprehensive game design by Dave Morris. The game concept was created by Ian Livingstone.

Plague was the first true 3D strategy game of its time and it was presented at E3 (LA) in 1997. It received great press response as it was hailed as one of the major products to watch out for in 1998/1999. PC Gamer selected it as one of four products of 1998 along side Black & White.

Plague contained many new concepts in programming and design and it was very close to our hearts, but unfortunately it never made it to full production. However, the software engine behind it was at the heart of a number of published products.


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